Activities in the farm


For children who want to know the reality of a farm and the connected agricultural activities. At about 300 meters there is an agricultural reality with a stable of dairy cows and milking annexed to it that you can, by prior agreement, visit. In the farm are present other animals like horses, goats, pigs, hens, turkeys. There is also a riding stables at -3 km


Orchard: times of maturation of the various plants

Possibility for the guest to collect and taste the fruit
directly from the trees during the stay

n° 10 peach trees: different qualities, maturation end of June July/August;
n° 7 fig trees: different qualities, maturation July/August;
n° 7 plum trees: different qualities, maturation July/August;
n° 4 cherry trees: different qualities, maturation end of May/June;
n° 6 apricot trees: different qualities, maturation June/July:
n° 6 pear trees: different qualities, maturation June/October;
n° 8 apple trees: different qualities, maturation October/November;
n° 2 persimmon tree: : different qualities, maturation October/November;
n° 3 nashi trees: Asian pear known as pear/apple maturation August:
n° 3 corniolo: Eastern Europe fruit diffused in Italy also, maturation August;
n° 3 feijoa: typical South American fruit, maturation November.

Activities in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a region situated in the heart of central Italy, rich of natural areas, among which the National Park of Abruzzo, splendid coasts, of which different prize winners with the Blue Flag. Everything this allows to have an ample tourist offer that goes from the mountain to the beach, enriched even by the presence of going up again ancient villages to the medieval epoch.
Our structure is absorbed in the center of the region, from which is easily attainable both the sea and the mountain.
Our principal attractions arethe Majella's mountain, perfect place skiing in winter and for trekking in the summer, and the Abbruzzo's coast, ideal tourist destination with its beaches both sandy and rocky.
Our B&B is strategically situated near the social wine cellars that every year entertains the event "Open Wine cellars", a wine festival that allows the visitors to taste some good wine. A list of the wine cellars participants to the event is available to the following link:

Reached destinations from our structure

For the locations listed above to each customer can be given a syntertic note concerning:
-specific charactheristics;
-historical constructions and related informations.